Friday, February 19, 2010

Email Congratulations Messages Are You Receiving Email About Winning Free Lotto's?

Are you receiving email about winning free lotto's? - email congratulations messages

I have tons of emails saying I have money in a lottery for free as follows:
Your e-mail has been selected.
Your chances of winning DETAILS;

Ref: UK/9420X2/68
Lot: 074/05/ZY369.

Your e-mail address
EUR 1,000,000.00 and won in the 2nd
Category. Contact in the list of complaints

Miller Drake

I tried it and has a message for the distribution of wage arrears of TNT. I sat down with TNT and this response is a fraud, because they did not.

Be sure and pay nothing for free, if you win. Lottery Web sites do not use free email accounts such as Yahoo to send an e-mail.
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ZCT said...

I suspect that if there really is someone who could actually speak English, would do to write the email.

"You have e-mail ID won so ..."

"Contacts in the list of complaints ..."

Yeah right.

One way to win the lottery in the United Kingdom and also buys a ticket. The United Kingdom is a rich country, but they are so rich they can give one million pounds for thousands of people without reason.

Jason said...

It is a SCAM ..
Think about it .. When you win a lottery ... Everywhere in the world ..... Do you not think that flies around him, they can on television and everything else ...
Think about it .. Here in the United States .. If no one wins in the vicinity, including one million .. Its all newspapers and television ...

There probley going to try to steal your identity or after the treatment in full .. I will not say that you send us (approximately) $ 5,000 for taxes and processing fees ...

Therefore, I would not do anything, but just ignore .. Or write back and say .. Get back the money and send you the information immediately receive ..
The answer that you never again .. I would try to get your ISP and tell them about this ...

Good luck with everything and let us know what happens ...

EchoIndi... said...

Yes, same thing happened to me ..........

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