Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nissan Nx Headunit How Much Is My Car Worth? 1993 Nissan NX Coupe?

How much is my car worth? 1993 Nissan NX Coupe? - nissan nx headunit

I plan to sell my car on TradeMe in the next week or so, but I'm not sure how he wants to sell. I got very cheap from a man who wanted only to get rid of him, and I do not know how the mechanics or anything.

It is a yellow 1993 Nissan NX Coupe.
-2 Door
Roomy sedan with trunk
New head unit stereo with CD player and rear speakers
N-your key, a couple of rust bubbles, but they are only at the surface
Minor fuel leak, has no impact on performance car or a warrant of fitness in general. Mechanic said it's not worth fixing.
Electronic Map
"It looks very neat inside and out. No start-up in the wallpaper or something.

How do you think you should wait? Please let me know if you are the prices in dollars, so you convert NZ $ :-)

Thanks in advance! And let me know if additional information would be useful.

Here are some pictures of the car: / t ... ... ...


Giovani said...


very clean condition
Vehicle industry
Price range attractive to a buyer for the first time
(only downside is his age)
Book value exceeding $ 2200

I am advertising for $ 2250,
1 months after the acceptance of $ 1900

Harvindr... said...

About Rm108000.00

12pleze said...

4-500.00, whether you are active. In fact, it has no real value, but if it is implemented, it will be worth 4-500.00

littlemi... said...

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