Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avoid Thong Wedgies Underwear For A Badonkadonk?

Underwear for a badonkadonk? - avoid thong wedgies

I always had an impossible time finding affordable belt does not fit my end of the bladder. Or are the pants grandmother rise above my jeans or my song all day Sunday. Has anyone of a brand (preferably under $ 5/pair) know that they will be cut for this type of place?
PS - No Belts! I try to avoid the wedgie, do not guarantee:)


heythere said...

I have a big shoes, but not huge. I like boy shorts, the wedgie until he give up in your pants without grouping. Achieve the objective of which is in a package of Hanes, and for a size one size larger than you normally react in this way, it very well.

Autumn's Mommy said...

Do not wear Victoria's Secret, the only brand that seems to wash after Nice, and I had a great time.
I also have a bubble, "the CAP, and I like to wear lingerie and underwear hipster bikini Nice. It depends on what you use. With jeans, always wear the belt a bit, because my low waist jeans and place very tight jeans, and it is easier and more convenient. Others seem to stir up underwear, jeans are gross and ugly. But if you rely 100% on the strap as I Victoria's Secret low-rise hipster extreme. They live their semiannual sale at this time must now They go for under $ 5 get.

Good luck!

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