Sunday, February 14, 2010

Commercial Rabbit Cages For Sale Does Anyone Have Any Knowledge On Rabbit Diseases?

Does anyone have any knowledge on rabbit diseases? - commercial rabbit cages for sale

My husband has recently started raising rabbits for meat and has problems with some dying. You have no symptoms until we are dead. These are symptoms of a healthy weight, eyes and ears are clear, no diarrhea, respiratory or neurological. Let's find dead in their cages. All the feeding of a commercial rabbit food and access to clean water at all times. A rabbit in a cage, and cages are cleaned at least twice a week. They are in a shed with adequate ventilation and not too warm, fully accommodated. Any suggestion is welcome. We have rabbits for years without problems, and it is frustrating!


Rachel R said...

You seem to know your stuff. The fact that you can not see any sign of rabbits, said before me, it's time for a professional, the samples can be performed in the laboratory, so call me Chicken Little, crying in "vhd" But there other reasons the rabbits.
Were stressed by strange noises? Doubtful, since it in a warehouse, but watch out for raccoons and stray dogs.
You can progress in the autopsy of their own. You are in good shape, if one of the butcher rabbits in general, and should be able to see something unusual death in rabbits. Otherwise, the harvest a rabbit is healthy and open to a dark side to compare.
Check all possible: the lining of the intestine into the liver, heart, cabbagePossible or in the lungs, the nostrils, Bone Deep in the middle of the nose, everything. Sectional division of one of the major organs: liver, lung, kidney, and perhaps the brain. Pay attention to the texture and color, especially for bags and pockets of pus. Each result is the veterinarian, or accelerate your own research.
For now, wash your hands and remove her coat before handling the rabbits.
Good luck! Looks like you begin with some installations of Nice for the animals.

Transfer "Mixy" or myxomatosis rabbits by biting insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. It is highly contagious and deadly, of course, but the rabbits obvious physical symptoms: eye crust and infected parts of tHeir bodies, usually the ears and testicles, swollen. A vaccine is available in the UK, but not the United States.
Looks like a rabbit suddenly out of nowhere, it seems that the entire stock of a particular condition that is making them more vulnerable, and only attacks people with a certain variety.

muesli said...

Hello I have lost from 6 rabbits, and said my vet, is an injected Bourn can get some air against them have forgotten what we, as i alsohave injected anti mixy

Lotsa Lops said...

How many times did that happen? One day a week? From time to time?

Problem with rabbits is that they die, sometimes without symptoms. If there is something you do not identify the low point and are still at large, one after the other, you might want to consider one or two to find vet for an autopsy, which is actually dying.

First, check your feed. If there are no signs of mold or contamination, it is through the death figures. Make sure the smell and believe it or not, some people, secure the taste of balls of rabbit meat and quality! I did it once ... was hard for me! Checked Alfalfa! It was a good thing, of course!

If this is not the animal for rodents or other visitors to verify. Are there rats / mIce / racoon / Possum everything can to the back, heart attack, etc. will be made breaks in rabbits and hares with the fear

In addition, it looks so good. They are well protected, good air circulation and good health and even death, etc.

One last thing ... Check the lines. When these rabbits were killed, the long series of the same? Perhaps there is a story in a series of weak hearts, etc., due to early / unexpected death.

SLWrites said...

The rabbits were given unlimited hay and food? Otherwise, you can "stomach-intestinal stasis, which can kill within 12 hours.

huppercu... said...

I think you have a wish or an infestation of some
My thought would get a few of them to a vet and some blood work done, if you want to raise for meat.
Did you receive by chance, the shelter a rabbit
The source also building itself?
This is somewhat risky, because some diseases and viruses
be taken, nor w / o precautions.
CHECK IT OUT with a vet!

Rocky said...

As the rabbits eat real food that they give? If not, suffer from too much teeth (malocclusion) that die, if it can not (can eat). If so, bring them to the vet and the vet to show their lower teeth. The supply of wood in their cages to stay healthy (unsecured)

Jen said...

You probably know your gonna kill us! Thank God, all people, not kill to eat! There are normal people who do not eat your pet! ... and my rabbits are treated very well thank you very much

Cassie said...

It may be cold for them.

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