Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cvv Number Prepaid Mastercard Question About Prepaid Credit Card?

Question about prepaid credit card? - cvv number prepaid mastercard

ok I can get my card until I send a fax and other data. However, my card is already activated online and told me the account number of the 16-digit and three-digit CVV code. I want to buy something at Wal-Mart, but my question is number 16 in the credit card? and the 3-digit CVV code as an ID card. Ps is MasterCard.


Kaiden said...

The 16-digit number is the account number on the front of the card and the code is the 3-digit security number (enough to show you the actual card, not a look of someone from another credit card.)

If the card is activated and you have this information, you can use the card. You will probably not be able, in the shops, but most shops are very tired of manually entering credit card information.

muneepen... said...

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