Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinky Free Trailers How Can I Make Free Unlimited Calls From US To India?

How can I make free unlimited calls from US to India? - pinky free trailers


I wanted to make free calls to India from the United States ..

Pls guide me. Every site that I can call India unlimited?



Vic said...

You can visit the website contains information about free calls

Blowzell... said...

The best way is simply downloaded Skype, a free software, serving on its website and the other part of India the same once you have them, can all day and night free to call. And with all economies, perhaps you can give me in your suitcase next time you pack.


Tarzan said...

Free international calls to anywhere in the world! ...

The charm of the past week worked, I think it's good now:)

monoxxid... said...

because you have a computer, you can buy so-called magic call, or buy an international cell phone

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