Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Real Estate Yard Signs Real Estate...?

Real Estate...? - real estate yard signs

We have just bought a house in August. We are totally satisfied with everything. The neighbors all night noise, we called the police several times, and we have a child in the way I want to be not worrying about the noise with a baby. The POA, which ostensibly maintain the "common space" such as playgrounds, trails, etc.. and stopped in front before the house and yard. Well, the lawn was killed in a week, havent always mow nowhere and it was garbage everywhere. And things continue to break into our house and has recently been constructed. We really want to make, but do not know if it was possible for the house when she was just moving sale, I to another house, much closer to our parents. I wonder whether there will be a real estate agent or attorney, we would counsel or who might (God) is what we have.


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