Thursday, December 31, 2009

Book Pinky Adult Film Star Looking For A Young Adult Sci-fi Book?

Looking for a young adult sci-fi book? - book pinky adult film star

I read this book several years ago, but I can not remember his name. In the novel, is a child of a door in her new home, which led 50 years ago. Somehow he gets amnesia and falls in the (Vietnam?) War. Well, finally progressing to his own grandfather and the girl he met in the past, is actually his grandmother. So - not a figure that everything white with the name "Pinky's".


The Skin Horse (formerly ll2) said...

Mr WAS /
Pete Hautman
1998, 1996 Aladdin 1st ed.
English Book: Fiction: Taking resources from the public Internet 255 p., 18 cm.
New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, ISBN: 0689819145 (pbk.) 9780689819148 (pbk.)
The history of the involvement of fate takes suffering and death of the young Jack Lund mysterious city of memory, Minnesota, in the rainforest of World War II on Guadalcanal, in the sterile walls of an asylum-secret government Any cause of a strange metal door that changes in life of crossing the threshold. After a strange encounter with his dying grandfather, a boy discovers a door that sends fifty years in the past. ...

Kevin the Nitwit said...

Hmmm, sounds familiar. Try Google, what do you know about this? Or try a place to find reading the book?

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