Friday, January 1, 2010

Commodity Technical Analysis How Reliable Technical/charting Analysis In Stocks/commodities Trading?since It's Only Chart Of Price History

How reliable technical/charting analysis in stocks/commodities trading?since it's only chart of price history - commodity technical analysis

Technical analysis is a useful tool, but it is far from perfect. I improved my results since I have to make in addition to technical support for the fundamental analysis, but still error. What I found that the chances for a growing population, the higher the short term if the stock is oversold and near a support level (on lists of technical assistance or in autumn when it is overbought and close to one degree of resistance), but it is by the assurance. Shares and can no longer overbought overbought and oversold stocks and can get get more oversold. In my opinion, with some technical help your chances of selling or buying at a good time increased, but not nearly 100%.


Stinky Monkey said...

If you live and updated every second (or milliseconds), then on a small scale is very precise and predictable.

Otherwise, factors, it is also necessary, but not really depend on.

In the stable things, such as utilities, which is pretty much (and moves) slowly.

jspatil9... said...

In this case, the future is not determined. you never know what the system is used and how useful it used

Buy the Numbers said...

Drawing is good for a short term. For example, if one shares rise further to 100 and then (or fall within 100 and rising). There is a good chance to continue that at the other end (news, etc.) to propel them. The price is the only way to notice.

In our current volatile market, I find it very useful for short-term trends.

In the long term (more than 1 year), the macroeconomic fundamentals and the company will say if the stock is headed. Unless you own the books ...

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