Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warts Spreading To Balls HELP My Friend Has GENITAL WARTS!! Can I Get Them?!?

HELP my friend has GENITAL WARTS!! can i get them?!? - warts spreading to balls

iv friendship with all the chicks this summer and now I've just discovered that you have genital warts! VICIOUS! Touch on the fingers, so my question is: Is it awkward bisshh expanded its warts casualy me your hands and stuff, or genital warts can sexualy forgiven? ? Please respond QuickTime balls fakin Tippin man in here !!!!!


Medic Loretta said...

Warts on the hands has nothing to do with warts - except that both caused by the HPV virus!
But the HPV virus is ~ 130 different tribes, and only ~ 40 of them are sexually transmitted, and some can cause genital warts! But the warts on the hands are not transmitted sexually and is caused by another strain!

anyway - if you have genital warts, and even if you had unprotected sex with her, then the HPV virus has now!

anyway HPV and genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted diseases!

best for your girlfriend this --
"If you - you should get rid of them as quickly as possible, because genital warts are very contagious!

ANDIFAR really want to get rid of genital warts always, you should know that genital warts can be removed by surgery, freezing, laser, acid or cream, but genital warts may reappear and reappear because of genital warts, if the immune system is weak!

HPV is the virus that causes genital warts. You can be infected by HPV and do not show symptoms. Others develop genital warts. These warts cremained the same size, grow or disappear by themselves. It depends largely on the immune system of the infected person. A healthy immune system means that you have your body in a position to remove the virus and show no symptoms.

Even after the warts disappear, the person will remain infected with HPV. This person can transmit the virus, even without symptoms.

Therefore, you must build up your immune system, because your body can get rid of genital warts even if your immune system is strong! Eating healthier foods, more vitamins and more sports! No smoking ( 'Bring beer / EFA, no alcohol, no drugs, no junk food, no fast food garbage, not sugary sweet soda. You are eating a balanced diet, health, containing plenty of vegetables boiled or steamed.
PLENTYOFWATER drinks, fruit juices and skim milk. Snack on plenty of fruits and vegetables. Get up early every morning and take a brisk walk of 30 minutes - then - do the same thing night after dinner. Be sure to eat a balanced breakfast every day. Get your energyFood for the day of his breakfast. Get 8 hours sleep per night. Flip over your mattress level, to give you a good night's sleep. Too much coffee and tea in bulk)

You need a treatment based on plants, it is not always possible to 100% healthy life ...!!!

Wartrol in this case is very good (probably better) product that is free of genital warts fairly quickly and you feel more confident that used to appear again! It works by stimulating the immune system against the HPV virus that causes warts that helps prevent +, cervical, penile, anal cancer, etc. to fight, because the HPV virus in 70% of cancers event!

and of course, is better if you use the bike path (5 months - if I remember correctly).

He worked very fast and always works for me, because I no outbreaks of genital warts and I still have papsmear is normal!

I do not know if Wartrol pharmacies selling, but I know that you are buying directly from the manufacturer, and you should be here about the product
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt;br> http://www.wartrol.com/?aid=221781

Is Wartrol advantage over other natural treatments for genital warts, that since it is taken orally, acts as an invisible internal genital warts and can not be treated with creams and other natural remedies.

Good luck!

Work in Women's Health - OB + personal experience




Al LeGator said...

No, genital warts, as Loretta is said, are different strains. May she has warts on the hands, but it's another burden, and not their genitalia. If so, with almost everyone in the hands of GW possible and would not do that. His hand warts are a coincidence - you can make your own studio, so I do not think that ... for 100 people at random, looking down his pants, his hands look like ... little, if any, hand warts GW. OK, I'm out there with a bit of fun, but I understand.

And it is not your bathroom or shares a joint or glasses, although the latter two have a very low risk of spread of other diseases - If, for example, meningitis or a cold or flu.

crissabo... said...

Dude did not have sex with her !!!!!! Pain wouldnt be here friend, but seriously, do not play. I have heard that the only way to get rid of a wart is an acid bath. I think its really exspensive, and do not get rid of it. So stay away!

crissabo... said...

Dude did not have sex with her !!!!!! Pain wouldnt be here friend, but seriously, do not play. I have heard that the only way to get rid of a wart is an acid bath. I think its really exspensive, and do not get rid of it. So stay away!

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