Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Formula Samples Where Can I Get Free Samples Of Baby Formula Online?

Where can I get free samples of baby formula online? - baby formula samples

I would be able to try different ways, so I know what is best for my baby. Does anyone know a good website where I can request free samples for me via e-mail?


lupa03 said...

Log on to the manufacturers of formula, like Similac, Enfamil, Good Start (Gerber), and all others who want to test. Most sites send a free sample packs to try to, if you register with them. The office of your pediatrician samples and the hospital where you deliver something to send you home with me.

Stephani... said...

There are many good places to receive, free samples, without education or stupid to pay for such offers, you need only watch a little time. Here is a list of my favorites is (I have traveled a lot, they are all nice places, depending on which country you are). I have for the newsletter and send me an email every day with new gifts, they find there. It's amazing.



United Kingdom:


poprocks... said...

All formula companies will send you a free sample by registering on this site. Just do a Google search on the brand of formula you want and find a place to register on a website

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