Monday, January 4, 2010

Basic Home Phone Service I Want A Basic Home Phone Line With The Cheapest DSL I Can Find. Now I Have ATT And Its Over $100!?

I want a basic home phone line with the cheapest DSL i can find. Now I have ATT and its over $100!? - basic home phone service

ATT offers ADSL for 19.95 only if you have all the frills of home .... That does not bother me. I would like to get a simple phone line with DSL. Does anyone know a DSL provider, cheap and reliable ... In addition, AT & T let me my house and get your DSL service with another person .... which could be accepted.


sassilas... said...

High Speed Internet DSL 12.99 for DSL from ATT / SBC DSL or Pro is 17.99 for 12 months. To lr7923 with the voucher code. My husband works for att. You can also renegotiate the price they pay for the Internet line

The Almighty Kevin said...

Then go to the cheaper version ... DSL, and you can use a all in one package of around 79.99 per month, which will allow you unlimited calls Caller ID Call Waiting .. it s all in one package .. I have TV ads that are not offered by cable TV too soon, to see .. Compete with Tim Warner, all in one package.

I hope I can help.

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