Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sinovideo Drivers Pci 2309 Proteus I Need A Driver For A On SinoVideo PCI 2309 Proteus (7130) WDM Video Capture?

I need a driver for a on SinoVideo PCI 2309 Proteus (7130) WDM Video Capture? - sinovideo drivers pci 2309 proteus

and I need immediate and free (or join subscriptions NIO)


D_S_ said...

Dark Hey Dude!

We must now eh? Included.
The first thing I had this problem and discovered that my card has been sold for 5 different companies and use the proceeds lablels model. Whatever you want. I have 2 companies and the driver at least 1 free offers.
Sell Sabrent and both have this card with your name on the Philips saa7130 chip. Sabrent drivers had to work my card, so I'm sure if you dig, you find what you need for a card that resembles SINOVIDEO you need. Ah, here are the links, and managing flow is included in the price, but the model of your card is not listed, so I guess that makes it a NO-card, hehe SEE.

Sabrent = ...



And, yes) Nothing Good Luck!

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