Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pics Of Snowboard After Waxing Enlarge Sport Mode Pics On Nikon Coolpix L3?

Enlarge sport mode pics on Nikon coolpix L3? - pics of snowboard after waxing

I have a few photos from another person, snowboarding, and I do not know how bigger.PLEASE HELP!


Edwin said...

My thanks go to fhotoace offer a maximum resolution of the camera

If you take your pictures in the field of higher resolution camera only divide by (the number of pixels per inch, dpi) printing. At 300 dpi you will dpi on the search for a 6x8 print at 200 to print on the search for a 9x12.


fhotoace said...

You must first make sure that was the image files were in the highest resolution of the camera (shot 2592 x 1944).

Then take the image files on your local lab and ask them what the greatest feeling you can make your image files.

My guess is that you have an 8x10 print of their hand can get.

empenage... said... ... it is not here

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