Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Pc Towers How Do I Make Two PC Towers Work Together?

How do I make two PC towers work together? - best pc towers

I have two Dell Dimension tower, then I make this work as
And what do I need to connect with each other?


stu_the_... said...

In short, you can not

While running parallel computing, it is not realistically possible for a PC at home to the National System for the operation of PCs.

Colinc said...

No, they are completely separate machines. There are programs that combine the various parts of a machine, usually added to the load, while no advantage is lost because it actually reduces the overall performance of the machine into individual shares. unless the construction of about 20 machines (all the above specifications, the cost of thousands of machines), no gain. There is also a significant risk of complete loss of data when even the slightest goes wrong, even a slight increase of tension or conflict packet network. Anyone who has regularly heard of this tent lost data. Normal every time you try to start the machine.

Ryder said...

You can not. unless in the towers is that to melt a

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