Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surrey Suite Hotel Downstairs Tenants Are Smoking - What To Do?

Downstairs tenants are smoking - What to Do? - surrey suite hotel

My mother and I live in Surrey, British Columbia. One of our tenants, we were expelled because of drug use, as we would smell the grass in our house. We have received the $ 300 security deposit for damages, because it literally destroyed afterwards. A few weeks later, he had rented to another couple with two children, as we drove tenants.

Now we have the same problem, only worse. When my mother's announcement, written in plain / bold "No Smoking". Now that the smoke came into our house, worse than ever before, for example, if we close off the bathroom door, like an hour when we went in, the smell is bearable. Our house was very bad smell of the last 2 weeks has deteriorated and get every day. I told my mother about the smell, it goes at night during sleep, and she says she does not know what else to do.
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baremp said...

In British Columbia, have strict laws against smoking.
Can you ask politely, smoking outside the house, because it affects your health.
Discussion and open communication are the best way to solve this problem.
You can also rent Board of British Columbia, who can advise how to proceed with his case.
Another thing you can do is buy an air purifier for their own place.
This purifies the air and helps you breathe easier.
I have one for my apartment and clean the air in an area of 1000 square meters.
I hope these suggestions help. If we Sometimes we start with the bad habits of the tenants.

Oklahoma cave monkey said...

It is best to check that the lease of a tenant laws in this state, ND

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