Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silver Projection Screens Best Pricing Around Looking For A Fiction Book About Astral Projection, And A Battle Between The Girls Father And The Cult Leader?

Looking for a fiction book about astral projection, and a battle between the girls father and the cult leader? - silver projection screens best pricing around

Can anyone help find the title of the book?
Years ago (maybe 25) I read a paperback, I'm looking for.
It was a girl was abducted by a cult. The father began to investigate and discovers that the sect was a leading expert in astral projection. Then the father is a professor who teaches the father of all "Astral Projection.
The father is the head of the sect and a supernatural end, he inhabit battle in the astral projection with the head of the sect, both inanimate objects and to use inanimate objects for physical battle. If you reduce the "threat from other funds" that connects the astral Even the physical body, the body, which was reduced to death. At one point, the leader of the sect, for example, lives in a teddy bear and holding a knife to see if you astral father.
The lid of the Paperback by age, had a teddy bear with red glowing eyes with a knife.


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