Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Is Your Cervical Mucus Like Before Period Dry Cervical Mucus Before Period...?

Dry cervical Mucus before period...? - what is your cervical mucus like before period

I'm on cycle day 24 (I) had a 29 cycles per day and I realized that I was very dry. I've heard that if you are pregnant, a type of cervical mucus is produced lotiony thick. There were patches of pink a few days ago, which are taken about 3 days, but now I have my hope, because I have so "dry". I still have a chance to be pregnant this month or not? As a rule, before my period starts I have a very clear, thin discharge. Should any of the experience of this and at the end of pregnancy? Any help would be very grateful. No immature or rude comments please! Thank you ..


BaBy FeVeR!!! said...

cm is not know very precisely when you are pregnant. Every woman is different. think you had implantation bleeding and pregnancy, but do not try to make too many illusions. Wait for AF and an examination to be confused! Good luck:)

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